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photo of Alex Dejneka and Alan FuttermanIn 1999, with numerous project offers, and an impressive crew assembled, Alex Dejneka and Alan Futterman officially opened A&A Enterprises. For both Alex and Alan, founding a construction company was the culmination of years spent in and around home renovation, building, and design.

Alex developed an interest in building and remodeling as a child in Brazil watching his grandparents. In 1976, as a young adult, he became part owner of an apartment building, responsible for its upkeep and repairs. Over the next 20 years Alex did design work and general contracting, coordinated construction of a large parking garage, built, remodeled, and did design work on residential homes, and commercial properties both in the Seattle area and in Brazil.

Alan built his first house in 1981 in Riverside, California - a custom home with solar panels and a unique, two-sided, glassed-in fireplace, to heat both the living and dining rooms. For the ten years following, Alan focused on other interests, completing a master's degree and two years of doctoral work in music. Then in 1991, he purchased a house in Seattle and, unable to resist the urge to build, turned it into a Duplex. In 1994, he purchased another unfinished house and transformed 1000 square feet of raw space into an upscale two bedroom, two-bath apartment, plus a music and rehearsal studio.

In 1998, Alex and Alan joined forces to purchase and renovate a "tired" property on University Way in Seattle. The property became a thriving Brazilian Restaurant and rooming house. In the course of their various projects, Alan and Alex had gathered together a talented, dependable, and pleasant crew. Friends and acquaintances, after viewing their many successful remodels, had begun to ask them to design and draw plans for their own renovation projects. So, in 1999, Alan and Alex became registered, licensed, and bonded professionals and opened a construction company.

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