Remodeling our house was an overwhelming prospect. From our experience with household maintenance (plumbing is my favorite) we had a general idea of what needed to be done, and realized the project was far beyond our abilities and would have to be contracted out.

Our efforts to obtain bids were frustrating and inconclusive. The estimates and timelines were vague, and generally required time and resources from us with no commensurate commitment from the contractor. When we met with A & A it was with reservations, for we expected more of the same.

However, we enjoyed talking over our situation with Alex and Alan, and in the course of subsequent meetings developed the trust that is key to this sort of endeavor. It was refreshing to receive constructive criticism and suggestions for how to proceed. A & A listened to the purpose of our plans, not just the plans themselves, and offered many new ideas that would accomplish our goals. We visited houses they were remodeling in various stages, and they took the time to show us what was practical and effective. We saw their commitment and pride in their work, and decided to proceed.

During the course of the remodel, we were closely involved. There were thousands of details to consider and decisions to make, and A & A welcomed our participation. Every request was acknowledged, debated, tracked and completed. We enjoyed a good rapport with the crew, and appreciated their dedication, skill and initiative. The finished house is a joy to live in, is exactly what we wanted, and A & A Enterprises built it for us.

And you can quote me on that.

-Andy Nelson